Big Game Rifle Hunting Tips And Ideas For The Enthusiast

Here at riflehunter.net, we are dedicated to sharing information in a free and open manner. Some of the things you will see here consist of real world experiences gained over the course of 30 plus years of hunting, shooting, and outdoor activities.

You will learn about hunting small game, big game, shot placement, handloading, technical issues, cast bullet shooting, shooting techniques, children’s firearms safety, women and guns, various calibers and their application in the game fields, along with 4×4 vehicles and equipment. We will discuss the finer things that can tune your hunting trips into memorable experiences.

We also pledge to do our best to make sure your appearance in hunting camp doesn’t instantly scream “dude!” What you won’t see are the stunts you’ve witnessed on some cable TV shows.

You won’t have to watch disrespect for game animals, 700 yard shots, or belly bumping, and we won’t tell you that you need a $4000 rifle to kill an elk. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, ruffle the dog’s ears and let your imagination roam our site.